Phonegap development

Phonegap has provided huge relief to small businesses and entrepreneurs who wanted to have a mobile application which is user friendly as well as cost-effective. Phonegap is basically an open source framework that allows developers build cross platform mobile applications using CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Depending upon the functionality you require, it works with the native source code or you can also go for Phonegap customization as according to your business needs. PhoneGap app interacts with mobile device hardware in the same way normal mobile apps do.

Some features of PhoneGap are:

  • Faster and convenient mobile apps can easily be developed using HTML, JavaScript and CSS
  • Developers can make the native capabilities of device to run on multiple platforms using a single source code
  • PhoneGap also provides access to the client’s API
  • Developers can take the advantage of PhoneGap’s rich features and allows websites to support versions of their corresponding mobile applications
  • Supports all major mobile platforms, Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone etc.
  • Web technologies like JavaScript and HTML can be reused to create robust Mobile apps with PhoneGap
  • Supports accelerometer, geo location, vibration, contacts, photos, offline storage and more.

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