CakePHP Development

CakePHP, due to its easy configuration and rapid prototyping greatly simplifies web application development process. Since CakePHP development is based upon MVC (Model, View, Controller) model, it provides logical separation of code from the user. Also, CakePHP has been a personal favorite for developers and businesses because of its exceptional features and ease of use.

Some features of CakePHP are:

  • It requires minimal coding
  • It has a built-in database authentication
  • It is easy to set up
  • It has a flexible catching system
  • It uses built-in features for validation

Why us for CakePHP Web Development Services?

  • In order to ensure optimum portability with the upcoming versions, we maintain strict adherence to CakePHP conventions.
  • We have a record of completing CakePHP projects successfully within the budget.
  • We use industry standard plugin and libraries to make sure your application is scalable and extensible.
  • We also provide support for an existing CakePHP project without hampering its real functionality.
  • We believe not to follow repetitive approach to make sure you carry the advantage of CakePHP in real time web applications.